Core Components

  • DEMAND FORECASTING - determine unconstrained remaining demand by flight/segment/departure time/aircraft type/Point Of Sale
  • OVERBOOKING - determine the optimal cabin level capacity to be made available for booking by considering showup rates and risk of denied boarding and spoilage
  • OPTIMIZATION - determine the optimal allocations for classes (including point of sale) by considering demand, overbooking, bookings, base and ancillary fares
  • MANAGEMENT REPORTING – reports on flights, customers, markets, etc in terms of usage, load factor, revenue, etc.
  • INTEGRATION WITH RESERVATION SYSTEMS – Receive inventory and schedule feeds from Reservation Systems and send optimized controls back

Key Features:

Cost-Effective Customizable Solutions

  • No up-front IT costs associated with Hosted environment option
  • Minimizes effort and cost associated with ongoing maintenance
  • Customizable solutions that can be rapidly deployed Minimizes installation and maintenance costs while boosting revenues to provide unparalleled value.

Demand Forecasting

  • Flexible seasonality definitions including special event and exception handling
  • Detailed unconstrained forecasts by departure/class/DOW/time of day/aircraft type/Point Of Sale Advanced, yet easy to understand highly accurate forecasting models


  • Generates optimal overbooking levels by considering no-shows and balancing risk of oversales with cost of empty seat
  • Rules to set minimum and maximum overbooking levels by flight/leg/cabin Maximizes revenue as well as load factors while minimizing risk of denied boardings


  • Generates optimal physical (authorizations) and financial (bid price) inventory controls
  • Maximizes revenue opportunity by reducing revenue dilution and spoilage.
  • Can support nesting and leg/segment controls for any Reservation System
  • Ability to evaluate based on total passenger value by consuming ancillary revenues

Maximize total revenue while considering airline specific operational and business constraints

Price Sensitive Revenue Management

  • Advanced forecasting for price sensitive classes using demand elasticity curves
  • Option to support a pricing environment with a non-decreasing fare policy
  • Hybrid support - can handle a combination of product sensitive and price sensitive classes
  • Rules to set allocations and open/close classes based on load factor, days to departure

Eliminates revenue dilution and enhances revenue gains in markets with no fare restrictions

Competitive Insight

  • Enables informed analyst decisions by considering the market landscape
  • Ability to consume data from third party vendors providing competitor data
  • Displays competitor flights and lowest available selling fare to the analysts

Enables revenue enhancing decisions through consideration of competitor effects

Business Intelligence

  • Executive level dashboard reports including KPIs with drill down functionality
  • Standard Reports that monitor forecast accuracy, revenue potential captured
  • Ad-hoc reporting

Provides Critical business insight through next generation reporting system.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

  • Customizable and configurable work flow driven screens to maximize productivity
  • 'What-If' simulation modeling to study revenue impact of varying inputs to the system.
  • User adjustment of inputs and controls at micro (flight) and macro (ranges) levels

Modern usability design to facilitate enhanced user control and increased productivity

Technology Advantage

  • Scalable solution that is designed to support growth of your business
  • Hosted solution accessible through Internet using IE or FireFox browsers
  • Secure environment with different levels of user access

Streamlined design to build customizable solutions at lower cost and shorter deployment timelines


The software is a web based application, where it exposes a lightweight thin layer that can be launched within a web browser without any software installation on their client machine. The solution is robust, secure and scalable and runs on popular browsers such as IE and Firefox. The software can be locally installed within the carrier’s IT environment or hosted by RTS. The application enables easy integration with third party systems using webservices.

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