Employees speak
  • Deeshi Gandhi
    Deeshi Gandhi
    Technical Manager

    I have been with RTS for almost 2 years now and I enjoy the work atmosphere mainly for the vast and varied amount of experience I gain on a daily basis. The entire team is very knowledgeable in each of their domains which means we all learn a lot from each other about the business and its challenges. Being in a technical manager role, it is very exciting since I get to see the details of a project right from its inception to go-live…

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris
    Manager Client Services USA

  • charmi Ramchandani
    charmi Ramchandani
    Marketing Manager USA

    I have been working in the RTS Marketing department. The best part about working for RTS has been that the management and my co-workers are open and welcoming of new ideas. The atmosphere is one of everyday learning. I am very fortunate to be a part of a company that offers its employees immense opportunities for professional growth.

  • Patrick Allen
    Patrick Allen
    Project Manager UK

    Working for RTS, from the UK Office, in a variety of roles for nearly 15 years has been a very enjoyable and ultimately rewarding experience, ensuring major projects are delivered and customers are more than satisfied. As RTS has continued to grow, I have gained and developed knowledge and understanding in a range of industries from Airlines and Rail to Cruise Ferry and Cargo, working throughout Europe, Africa and North America. This diversity means there is always change, which brings new opportunities and more interesting challenges to face

  • Mahesh Vemula
    Mahesh Vemula
    Development lead USA

    I have been with RTS since 2007 and the journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of expertise, confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. I look forward each day to coming to work knowing that what I am contributing to the company is appreciated by both management and my co-workers. I feel that I do make a difference and I am not just an employee, but a member of the team. I am proud of being part of the RTS family

  • Mahesh Vemula
    Harjeet Singh
    Technical Project Manager

    At RTS each day offers new challenges for me to learn, experiment and grow. Being a product based company, anyone working at RTS knows that this company truly values every employee; you aren’t just a number here. Handling huge and multiple deliveries, managing sizable teams, retaining business by providing stability to the project… everything I have done here has helped me to mature as a professional as well as an in individual. RTS allows people to take the challenges with complete ownership and help to achieve the goal. I’m proud of being part of the RTS family.

  • Pradnya Deshmukh
    Technical Project Manager

    It has been entirely truly learning experience working with RTS. I had aspiration to work with good Product Company and RTS contributed it as startling experience to work with entirely different kind of Product lines. When I joined, for me, Revenue Management was totally new concept and in my career path I had never worked on totally math oriented analytical products/processes like Forecasting & Optimization etc. Grasping on these kinds of products were never been easier without good support from Business and Client services team.

  • Yograj Sharma
    Technical Lead

    As an employee of RTS since the last 4 years , I found good work culture at RTS . We can easily balance work life and personal life, the Management is very good about listening and taking our interests into consideration when assigning projects and setting long-term career goals.

  • Manpreet Khurana
    Technical Lead

    RTS is an amazingly successful Company because of its fantastic team and the company culture is great! Many opportunities to be promoted within and recognized for your hard work and achievements. Management is there for you every step of the way in coaching and helping you with anything you need. It's refreshing to work in an environment where you feel like you're being heard and not merely treated like a number.

  • Manjeet Inder Singh Sidhu–
    Sr. Software Engineer

    "I have been a part of this RTS family for almost 4 years now. I have seen myself grow as a professional and also as an individual. The support I have received from my peers and senior colleagues has always been very encouraging. One unique feature of working in RTS is the balance it offers between work and life. My experience with RTS has granted me a deep insight into the IT industry as well as the ability to strategize things at a macro level"

  • Sumit Batish
    Software Engineer

    Having started as fresher 3 years back , I found a very healthy environment to work at RTS . The Management has given me the kind of work which is in the best of my interests taking into consideration my life goals as well . Also, having an cooperative Management, it is easy for me to balance my professional and personal life here, due to which I am always at peace.

  • Anil Nautiyal
    Sr. Software Engineer

    " It has been a journey of more than two years at RTS System and I have always been learning new things. I am happy to be a part of RTS System. It’s always been supportive from the team and from management for whatever we do (in terms of work) at same time we have boosters, pep-ups for the work what we do. One good thing that I like very much is that the RTS System Management cares for its employees"

  • Kumud Vaish
    Software Engineer

    "My experience with RTS has been extremely enriching. RTS’s open environment offers numerous learning opportunities. An approachable management, dynamic work environment and versatile people makes RTS a great place to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with RTS in last 2+ years. I wish this company to grow further and achieve newer heights"

  • Kanwarpreet Singh
    Software Engineer

    It’s almost been two years with RTS Family and till now each day what I can say… it’s different from the previous one. Actually for everyone learning is important but for me the foremost thing is not having monotonous work. My personnel urge has always been continuous change. From few deployment night shifts in company to some light schedule days in office the RTS team adds on to this work place. In last two years I have got chance to work in multiple technologies and many more yet to come. Overall my experience has been overwhelming coping up with deadlines, to short or long duration of working hours, new technologies, on top supporting RTS family .I mean who doesn’t like balance , continual change and growth in life .

  • Gourav Saini
    Sr. Software Engineer

    "Indeed is not perfect but it is a company that has fun, believes in it's product and attracts great people. The technology at Indeed is quiet but it speaks volumes when talking to clients. I'm excited about the things to come here at Indeed!"

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sr. Software Engineer

    RTS is an organization for its employees and by its employees. The best part of being part of this company is that it not only offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally, but also facilitates such efforts. I have been with the company since 2010 and the journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of expertise, confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. I’m proud of being part of the RTS family.

  • Anish Kumar
    Software Engineer

    RTS is great organization. I got great exposure working here not only on technical side but also on Revenue Managements techniques used in travel domains. I got lots of opportunities working in RTS which helps me to grow as better professional.

  • Dinesh Gandhi
    Software Engineer

    Working With RTS has been nothing short of a thrilling ride. I was drafted in at RTS around 1.9 years ago to development and since then I have taken many opportunities to explore and prove myself. It’s fun and gratifying as each day draws to an exciting closure with lot of promises for tomorrow @ RTS.

  • Radhika Tyagi
    Software Engineer

    RTS as an employer take good care of its employees and their needs. It feels good to work in such a friendly environment. I can never forget the support given to me when I was medically unfit to work.

  • Vikrant Gupta
    Software Engineer

    It has been privilege to be part of RTS for about 2 years. During my tenure I found work environment is friendly, inspiring and excellent support from colleagues. RTS has provided me many opportunities for building up my professional skills and therefore, I am proud to be part of this organization.

  • Raman Kumar
    Sr. QA Engineer

    Working with RTS is quite an enriching experience. My experience in this company has been and still an overwhelming journey. The trust management has in each of its recruits, shows the highest level of confidence which help the individual to develop. Transparent policies and good enthusiastic people around is what keeps me happy.

  • Sandeep Kumar Pathania
    Sr. QA Engineer

    I feel like my work here is always recognized. I have gained good experience that I never imagined. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given and look forward to many more years at RTS. RTS is constantly pushing me to be the best that I possibly can be. Thanks RTS.

  • Varun Kumar Sharma
    Software Test Engineer

    Pleasure in job puts perfection in work. Working as Functional QA at RTS has been a great experience throughout. The company offers an open and flexible work place with great professional values. We have fun activities at every occasion. Thanks to the combined effort of management and HR team.

  • Nishit Kumar
    Sr. QA Engineer

    It’s my pleasure to be part of Revenue Technology Services. It is a platform where you can play your role in healthy environment. Revenue Technology Services is one big family and you become a part of it. It's a place where you can contribute, innovate, work, grow and have fun at the same time. This is the place where you can share and implement your ideas.

  • Priyanak Mailk
    Sr. QA Engineer

    I started my journey at RTS as an Intern to Senior Software Engineer , it is great pleasure to work with RTS . From management to employee’s of different departments , everyone is there for you , every step of the way in coaching and helping you with anything you need . I love the work culture here . There is a lot of freedom and ways to your improvement and skills . Many opportunities to be promoted within and recognized for my hard work and achievements. The technology here is quiet but it speaks volumes when talking to clients. I'm excited about the things to come here in future. It’s a great learning hub!

  • Siddhartha Mittal
    Software Test Engineer

    I really feel great to be a part of RTS. The growth path over so many years from a Trainee to a Software QA has been full of challenges and learning. The exposure that I have gained here is truly immense. Overall, I would like to say that RTS is a great place to work and has a wonderful work culture.

    " RTS has been vortex of fun and freedom while working "

  • Varun Bagga
    Software Test Engineer

    “Working with RTS means helping in solving a pain point of Cruise Ferry industry in optimizing their revenue and flexibility in work keeps me motivated to pour extra efforts at any point of time.”

  • Manpreet Kaur
    Software Test Engineer

    I started my career at RTS as a trainee. Now I am a Software Test Engineer, Working in PAX Solution. I have always been part of a great team - agile and keen to do quality work and provide the best results. Here I was given the scope I needed to hone my skills continuously. My seniors have guided me to grow in my career and supported me in challenging times. Above all the environment in RTS is great. It makes me feel like a part of a family.

  • Sachin Angral
    QA Engineer

    I just joined RTS few months back but experience is wonderful being a part of RTS family. Everyday was indeed a challenging day due to frequent changes in project. Learning potential was huge, Management carried lots of experience and had never die attitude. The most enjoyable part of the job was inclusion of new technologies anytime.

  • Paramjeet Kaur
    Software Trainee

    It has been few months for me to work here at RTS. Working here has been a great experience till date. Lots of learning and lots of new things and stuff to have hands on. Working environment here is quite professional and friendly and cooperative too. Can not say much as of now as I still am to get used to professional environment here for my being a fresher. I hope RTS is going to be a great experience for me.

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