Revenue Technology Services (RTS) is a worldwide provider of profit enhancing revenue management and pricing software solutions for passenger and cargo transportation industries. Our offerings, aimed at the Airline, Cruise Ferry, Rail and Coach verticals include software solutions, consulting and education services, operations research capabilities, technology services and IT development support.

With an executive team averaging 20 years industry experience, RTS’s aim is to provide the transportation industry with the solutions and services to achieve improved profitability through effective revenue management.

RTS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in UK and South Africa and a development center in IT Park in Mohali, India

Company History

Revenue Technology Services Corporation has its roots in the first commercial yield management system, developed for Republic Airlines on a mainframe in 1982. The RTS brand originated from the 1991 purchase of YMS, Inc., a Control Data Corporation subsidiary. Since its inception, RTS has been dedicated to providing revenue management solutions to transportation industries.

RTS developed revenue management technology for a DOS-based system in 1987. Updates for the DOS products included a Windows based solution with state of the art mathematics and graphics technology in 1996. In 2000, the Win32 product was introduced. The 2007 introduction of our client-server technology allows companies access to the latest in Profit Optimization solutions through using only an internet browser. Hosted solutions become a standard offering with clients live in 2008 via secure, internet connectivity.

RTS’ solutions first served clients in the airline industry. But in 1993, RTS extended its expertise to the cruise/ferry sector with an implementation at Color Line. In 1999 RTS again expanded its presence with the first commercially available revenue management solution for rail. Continuing its commitment to serve all of these industries, RTS introduced the first leg and segment solution in 2001. With the launch of our Cargo Revenue Management Solution in 2010, RTS continues to broaden the scope of its offerings.

To date, we have served clients in several countries with solutions carefully matched to the needs of their industry, improving revenue generation capabilities as much as 10% annually. RTS remains committed to researching and developing new technologies and services to help our clients achieve more profitability through more effective revenue management.

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