RTS consulting practice specializes in the travel transportation vertical. Within that niche, we partner with airlines, airports, cruise lines and ferry operators, rail companies and other transportation entities. We offer traditional business strategy consulting, as well as transformational change based on information technology. RTS not only partners with our clients to create new plans and strategies; we work with them to actually implement the changes that we recommend.

Our Capabilities

The principal areas of our consulting focus on revenue and profitability improvements, marrying the needs for business process improvements with the need for better IT systems. Some of the primary focus areas of the RTS Consulting practice include:

  • Organizational Structure Enhancement
  • Commercial Strategy Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • RFP Support (Development, Vendor Evaluation, etc.)
  • Revenue Management Strategy
  • Pricing Structures Development
  • Competitive Insight and Response.
  • IT Systems Evaluation & Implementation
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Freighter Scheduling & Route Optimization
  • Network Contribution Evaluation
  • IT Systems Evaluation & Implementation

Industry Challenges :

Declining Yields and Increasing Costs: The rising cost of fuel has impacted every mode of transportation. Every client needs to find new ways of raising revenues and yields, in very competitive times. We bring a combination of best practices and analytics together to create new solutions with meaningful and measurable financial results, resulting in enhanced profitability.

Competitive Pressures: It is not enough to find out what your competitors are doing after the fact. Today’s marketplace requires rapid access to competitive situations, and more importantly, they require you to react both quickly and intelligently. Our process improvement work helps RTS clients develop systems and processes to highlight competitive challenges and opportunities.

Missed Opportunities in Pricing Strategy: At times, pricing tends to be generated at a macro level, without taking advantage of all available data. Strategic decisions are impeded by a lack of analytics, and pricing may take on an entirely reactive role. RTS consultants use state of the art optimization tools to help our clients make strategically sound pricing decisions, and create systems to sustain them throughout rapidly changing events.

Our Work :

RTS brings to each client engagement our experience gathered from projects conducted in virtually every part of the world over the last 30 years. Our value proposition is simple—Deliver great value through a combination of industry expertise, analytical techniques, data and proven tools. Recognition of this value is evident in the fact that many of our clients retain RTS for multiple projects based on the success of the initial engagement. Factors contributing to this success include:

  • Quick delivery of usable solutions: Our experience allows RTS to quickly identify key issues and suggest actionable solutions by using the right data, tools and techniques.
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience: RTS believes in working closely with our clients to efficiently transfer our knowledge and experience, which means that the client will receive value long after the project is complete.
  • Access to trained and ready personnel: Some general strategy consulting firms lack the current industry experience, analytical tools and data to “hit the ground running”. One of our strengths lies in the RTS team’s broad aviation industry experience and deep understanding of transportation issues. This translates into immediate added value with little or no spool-up time required. All of our professionals have led key projects at leading transportation companies.
  • Organizational Evaluation and Restructure : Our consultants will work with the clients to access the current structure and roles within a department , and will identify any gaps in knowledge or skill sets. They will then recommend suggested improvements to organizational structure, and develop a communication and implementation plan to effect the changes.
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