Core Functionality

Core Functionality:

  • DEMAND FORECASTING - determine unconstrained remaining demand by market/departure time/vessel capacity/Point Of Sale
  • OPTIMIZATION - determine the optimal allocations for classes (including point of sale) by considering demand, overbooking, bookings, base and ancillary fares
  • CAPACITY MANAGEMENT – sets optimal capacity and/or staffing levels for a range of departures to improve overall profitability after considering current bookings, forecasted demand, fares as well as any operational constraints and costs associated with various capacity levels
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – generates management and analyst level reports on sailings, customers, markets, etc in terms of usage, load factor, revenue, etc.

Key Features:

  • Cost Effective: Customizable hosted solution with minimal upfront IT costs and no ongoing maintenance costs to provide a solution with unparalleled value.
  • Demand Forecasts: Detailed unconstrained forecasts by departure/class/Day Of Week/Time Of Day/Vessel capacity/Point Of Sale level using flexible seasonality definitions including special event and exception handling
  • Optimization: Maximizes revenue by considering various factors including optimal deck configuration, nesting, ancillary services etc. to generate RES specific physical authorizations and financial bid price controls. Support for round trip optimization by linking return sailing to outbound by product
  • Price Sensitive Revenue Management: Support for simplified fares using price elasticity curves for those sailings with simplified fares with no restrictions.
  • Point Of Sale Control: Forecasting and optimization can be done at sale location/distribution channel level to provide preferential availability by point of sale.
  • Ancillary Services: Considers the total value of passengers including ancillary revenue as well as forecasts demand for ancillaries
  • Capacity Management: Determines the staffing levels for each sailing as they are linked to the number of onboard passengers
  • Multiple Integrated Resource Controls: Links primary to secondary (e.g.: passengers to vehicles) in various ways thus enabling simultaneous optimization of multiple resources.
  • Competitive Insight: Visibility into competitor sailings to enable informed decisions
  • Business Intelligence: Extensive reporting capabilities including executive dashboards with drill down functionality, monitoring forecast accuracy, revenue opportunities and KPIs along with ad-hoc reporting.
  • Graphical User Interface: Customizable and configurable work flow including user adjustments at micro and macro levels along with what-if simulation modeling capability


The software is a web based application, where it exposes a lightweight thin layer that can be launched within a web browser without any software installation on their client machine. The solution is robust, secure and scalable and runs on popular browsers such as IE and Firefox. The software can be locally installed within the carrier’s IT environment or hosted by RTS. The application enables easy integration with third party systems using webservices.

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