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Spring 2016
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Pradeep Bandla
Vice President at RTS
Dear friends,
Hope 2016 has been going well for you so far. In keeping with the spirit of the leap year, we at RTS have taken some leaps around the globe this year across three continents in order to meet our objective of attending industry conferences. Attendance at these conferences enables us to gain valuable insight into the marketplace and ensure our solutions are continually being enhanced to address any emerging industry challenges. Read about the events in the Scoop section including the venue and dates of our own flagship conference 'The 2016 RTS Summit' which has just been finalized. The RTS team works diligently to ensure project milestones are met and sometimes the constant attention on the professional exploits results in some of the more personal stories not getting any time in the limelight. Our employees strive to give back to society in their personal time and read more about the exploits of a couple of them in the newly introduced Global Citizen section. This section also includes information about the employee of the month award which we recently instituted at RTS along with some background on the recipients. In the Customer Chronicles section, learn about some of the implementations we are currently working on. Any organization requires the honest feedback of their clients in order to be able to improve by addressing any pain points and reinforcing processes that work well and RTS is no different. We want you, the clients, help us to help you by providing feedback and the article on the Customer Satisfaction Survey should serve as a reminder to those who have not yet responded.
We did not take our eyes off our product development efforts and are close to completing Release 2016.0 of ProfitOpt and continue enhancing SchedOpt 2016.0. Learn about some of the salient features associated with these releases in the Product Happenings section.
Last but not the least, the value of an automated scheduling solution for an airline is well known. However adoption of automated scheduling solutions in the cruise ferry space is playing catch-up and our blog in the Guest Oracle section written by Paritosh Agarwal, Business Analyst, RTS sheds light on the value proposition of a such a scheduling solution for cruise ferries.
With that, I will sign off on the first newsletter of 2016 hoping you stay cool during the imminent summer season (except for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere) and wishing you the best for the remainder of 2016.
Pradeep Bandla

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The Scoop

Routes Conference
The 2016 Routes Americas conference was held in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico from February 15th to the 18th. Pradeep Bandla, VP Passenger Solutions, attended on behalf of RTS. Key stakeholders from the scheduling departments of various airlines and airport delegates from the Americas were also at the conference which shed invaluable insight into scheduling related issues being encountered by airlines in the region. The RTS scheduling solution 'SchedOpt' was showcased to some of the participants and given the request for follow-up deep dive sessions on the functionalities, we are extremely encouraged by the enthusiasm that our solution garnered.
RTS at Air Cargo India in Mumbai
RTS makes attending industry conferences a top priority as these gatherings give us valuable insight into the latest happenings in the domain, challenges faced by carriers and potential solutions to address those and ability to meet and contribute to thought leadership. In that spirit, we had a presence for the first time in India at the Air Cargo India conference in Mumbai from February 23 - 25. Mukundh Parthasarathy, VP - Cargo Solutions, met with several executives at carriers including Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, MASKargo as well as Indian carriers such as SpiceJet and Indigo. We hope to expand our global footprint as well as brand equity taking opportunity of such events.
RTS shows off at IATA World Cargo Symposium in Berlin
The 2016 World Cargo Symposium was held in Berlin from March 14 - 17 and RTS made its presence felt with a booth sponsorship to network with the community. The conference is considered the premier event in the air cargo industry where over a thousand decision makers and experts from across the entire air cargo supply chain participate to exchange ideas and discuss solutions to industry issues. Mukundh Parthasarathy, VP - Cargo Solutions and Pradeep Bandla, VP of Passenger Solutions attended the event and had an opportunity to listen to some thought provoking presentations and panel discussions on challenges, opportunities and trends in the air cargo business.
As most of you know, we reached out to all our clients in order to democratize the process of voting for picking the venue for the 2016 RTS Summit. The two shortlisted candidate cities were London, UK and Nice, France. We would like to announce that London, UK narrowly edged out Nice to become the host city of the 2016 Summit and would like to thank all of you for your responses. The summit will start off with a cocktail reception on the evening of October 3rd with sessions on the 4th and 5th. We will be posting all the Summit related details on our website shortly and our marketing department will be reaching out to you soon. Please block your calendars and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you at this year's summit.

Customer Chronicles

Marine Atlantic goes live with RTS SchedOpt
RTS is excited to announce that Marine Atlantic Incorporated (MAI), a cruise ferry based in Canada has gone live with SchedOpt in April 2016. With this cutover, RTS SchedOpt becomes the first commercially available scheduling solution in the cruise ferry industry to go into production mode. The solution incorporates sophisticated demand forecasting and schedule optimization algorithms to optimally allocate ships to routes after considering a number of operational scheduling parameters using a business rules engine. For more details on the SchedOpt tool for cruise ferries, please contact Pradeep.bandla@rtscorp.com. More information about Marine Atlantic can be found at
Customer Survey
We at RTS highly value candid feedback from you - our clients. We want to know whether you feel we are living up to your expectations and providing value through our people, processes, and systems. This feedback is critical in terms of making us aware of how we can improve ourselves to serve you better. With that in mind we have sent out a survey to all our customers earlier in the quarter along with a more recent reminder. For all those who have taken the time to respond, you have our heartfelt appreciation. For the others, please take this as another reminder and provide us your valuable feedback at the earliest if you want to help us help you in the most effective manner possible. Would greatly appreciate it if we could have your feedback no later than 31st May 2016.

Product Happenings

ProfitOpt 2016.0
Development of ProfitOpt2016.0 is nearing completion and is scheduled to be released to the client community in the second quarter of 2016. Besides strategic enhancements like exponential demand and cancellation rate forecasting and ad-hoc reports, this release includes some exciting changes in the look and feel of the Graphical User Interface.
New functionality goes live with RTS CargoPriceOpt
Air Cargo forwarders frequently send requests for quotes / proposals (RFQs or RFPs) for access to cargo capacity from airlines and the responses are evaluated before an airline is awarded the contract. The response to requests for proposals for cargo capacity can be very manual intensive for airlines to react and solve in a very short time frame. The cargo team at RTS has come up with an automated solution to address the process of responding to these quotes with decision support capability using data analytics. The module takes origin, destination, shipment type, maximum transit time, density, future allotments, market data into consideration while solving the problem. This new functionality is currently live at a major European airline.

Global Citizen

In a new series, we want to showcase RTS' social commitment to the local communities where our different offices are located. RTS and its employees take this commitment very seriously and contribute time and resources in trying to make a difference.
Satish Arora recognized by Chandigarh (India) Police Department
Satish Arora, Director of Finance and Administration from our India offices was recognized and honored by the Chandigarh Police Department for his lifelong service to the community. He has been appointed as the honorary 'Traffic Marshall' for his service and has been deputed to execute his services once a week to weed off drunk drivers and impound their vehicles during the weekends.
Mahesh Vemula @ Mobile Pack - Frisco, Texas, U.S.A
The Big Pack Frisco is a non-profit organization that hosted a Mobile Pack event at the Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, USA on February 19th and 20th, 2016 to pack 1 million meals and distribute these to starving poor children around the world. Mahesh Vemula, Product Direct of Cargo, attended this event along with family and friends to help support this effort.
Employee of the Month
RTS has always taken its commitment to provide best Quality solutions and services to the clients very seriously and RTS' dedicated team members have been the key strength in keeping RTS flag high. In the new year of 2016 @ RTS, we decided to recognise the significant contribution of RTS team members under the new Initiative as "RTS Employee of the Month". As per this program, team members majorly working behind the scenes, in technical roles, support functions and even in non-technical roles are nominated for consistency, efficiency in performing their duties as well as something amazing done by them to go beyond the call of duty. Each month the selection panel headed by Suresh Gupta - AVP (Technology & Development) select an Employee of the Month. The monthly winner is presented with a certificate and presentation gift. Mr. Abhishek Mehta, Mr. Anil Nautiyal & Mr. Arumoy Kar are the proud achievers of this title for the months of January 2016, February 2016 & March 2016 respectively.
Mukundh Parthasarathy visits RTS India Office
RTS has a global presence by virtue of having offices in four continents and the management team makes a concerted effort to visit the various offices in order to interact with the team. These trips are typically arranged on a quarterly basis and the first quarter of 2016 saw Mr Mukundh Parthasarathy - VP Cargo Solutions visit the office in India and have interactive sessions with the team.

Guest Oracles

The need for an automated scheduling solution in the cruise ferry space
Many industries face the challenge of determining flows in a supply chain network in order to meet customer demand at minimum cost. One of those industries is marine transportation where shipping companies (cruises/ferries) constantly struggle to make profits. Cruise/ferry companies can carry passengers (PAX) or freight (RORO) or both (RO-PAX). Their vessels can also carry wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, or trailers.
The fleet size of ferry companies may change over time and the fleet may contain various types of vessels with varying capacities, cost structure, and other specific ferry characteristics. Though the structure and fleet of the cruise companies may differ considerably, they have one objective in common - to utilize their fleets optimally. Consequently, ferry companies have complex planning problems ranging from the strategic to tactical/operational levels. Some of the examples include accurately predicting the incoming demand, deciding the optimal size of the fleet, route selection, and finding the optimal route and schedule for a given vessel given the fleet.
Most of the cruise/ferry companies struggle with the ability to accurately predict demand, be it passengers or freight. This makes it difficult for them to plan in terms of the right size of ferry to be used on a route. Turning away demand causes revenue leakage and the risk of losing customers to competitors. It is extremely important for the cruise companies to use their fleet in the most efficient and effective manner on the designated routes. This involves optimal use of vessels on different routes based on the demand, time of departure and other operational constraints such as sailing time and crew availability.
Any cruise ferry involves major capital investments and the daily operational costs of the vessels run into thousands of dollars. This indicates that better utilization of the fleet can significantly improve the revenues while reducing the operational costs at the same time.
It is evident from the above that there is a considerable need for a decision support system in the schedule planning process and that cruise ferry operators can receive significant benefits from such a system. Revenue Technology Services (RTS) took heed of the problems that ferry companies face and felt the need for a strategic planning tool that would aid the companies overcome those challenges by developing RTS SchedOpt which caters to the need of the cruise companies and arm them with the visibility and convenience of better demand prediction and optimal scheduling of their fleet.
RTS SchedOpt uses sophisticated forecasting algorithm that allows customers to forecast the incoming demand at various levels such as port-to-port and at different times of the day. The forecasting module can be configured to suit the customers' needs. The solution uses mathematical optimization techniques to determine the optimal schedule for the fleet. Optimization tries to maximize the demand coverage by selecting the right vessel available at the port thus maximizing the revenue gains. The model considers various business constraints such as sailing time, vessel down time, and availability of the vessel at the port while optimally assigning the vessel. SchedOpt has an intuitive graphical display that allows the users to perform what- if analysis by changing the business constraints at different levels and view and compare the optimization results. The in-built reports provide customers foresight into various business aspects of the day-to-day operations such as vessel utilization, year over year demand projections and capacity and demand mismatches.

Paritosh Agarwal

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