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Winter 2015
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Mukundh Parthasarathy
Vice President at RTS
Dear friends,
As we begin 2016 with a new set of resolutions and goals, I want to spend a few moments to look back at 2015. It was probably one of the busiest years in RTS history with us completing six implementations in the Cargo area and four more in the passenger area outside of the regular maintenance or patch releases. We managed to meet or exceed expectations with every one of our customers. We were able to accomplish this primarily because of the amount of time and thought that we put into our planning and forecasting of projects, along with time and resources, during the fourth quarter of each year. In addition, we have a new product in our portfolio, RTS SchedOpt that optimizes schedules for both the cruise ferry and the airline industry, along with launch customers for both of them. We have also added new modules to both our revenue management and pricing solutions in the cargo area to further cement our market dominance.
We did not take our eyes off our marketing efforts in the last few months, which is visible from our presence at various conferences to improve our brand equity. You can enjoy some of the moments from those events in the ‘The Scoop’ section. After hosting our annual RTS Summit in Cape Town, London, and Barcelona the last few years, we thought we had to pay homage to the city where we are headquartered by conducting this year’s summit in Dallas. The Summit was well received and you can get a glimpse of the happenings in the ‘The Scoop’ section.
On a personal note, I had the pleasure of visiting every one of my customers this year and thank you for your hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations and plan to work on various items based on the feedback you had given me. On a sombre note, as you may have seen in the news, my hometown, Madras (now called as Chennai) was deluged with unprecedented rains that the city had not seen in over 100 years. Some attribute this to the global warming phenomenon (El Nino effect) but the damages were severe. As a BBC report put it, the amount of rain that Madras received in a single day was equivalent to the amount of rain the whole of the United Kingdom receives in a year and the U.K is a wet country. So if you have a dollar to spare, please consider donating to any of the charities that are listed below:
Wishing you all the best for the remainder of 2016 and we look forward to continue to working closely together with all of you for the rest of the year and beyond.
Mukundh Parthasarathy

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The Scoop

RTS 2015 Summit Recap
‘Change. Challenge. Opportunity.’ was the theme of our Annual RTS Summit and it did live up to its expectations. The Summit was held at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Dallas TX from the 22nd to 24th of September 2015. The summit saw attendees from a diverse group of transportation domains including passenger and cargo delegates from both cruise-ferries and airlines. RTS sincerely thanks all those delegates who were able to attend and to those who unfortunately were unable to make it, we hope to see you at our summit next year. The summit saw presentations on a variety of interesting topics including the plans for passenger and cargo solutions, how existing RTS solutions are helping our clients realize their revenue potential, and exciting emerging capabilities in the revenue management space.
We are also deeply grateful to the tremendous support provided by our clients as they engaged in thought stimulating group discussions on addressing various challenges affecting the travel and transportation vertical. Engrossing client and partner presentations from Finnair, Fjord Line and Carus,along with keynote speeches from distinguished speakers,also provided interesting insights to the delegates on how RTS solutions could be applied to meet business specific requirements. We also had a product showcase during the networking break sessions where delegates could view the new features and solutions across the portfolio.
Please note that the presentations used during the summit have been posted on the RTS portal and shared with all the delegates. The event also provided a great opportunity for clients as well as prospects to learn, share, network and have fun at the same time. The voice of the customer session this year gave RTS management amazing insight into customer thoughts, concerns and compliments and we found the feedback invaluable.
The summit however was much more than just presentations and related discussions. We started off the summit with a Texas themed cocktail reception in the resort itself and the next day, delegates enjoyed a tour of the entertainment district of Arlington where the Dallas Cowboy Stadium and Texas Rangers ballpark stadiums are placed, along with the water gardens in Fort Worth. We wrapped up the entertainment activity with a churrascaria styled dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse.
The weather gods cooperated throughout the summit resulting in gorgeous conditions and for that we were deeply grateful. Some of the images of the event are presented here for your viewing pleasure. More images can be found on the Revenue Technology Services page on Facebook.
Carus User Group Conference
Pradeep Bandla, VP of Passenger Solutions, attended the Carus User Group Conference held aboard MS Stavanger from September 30 to October 2nd. The event was hosted by Fjord Line, who uses the Carus Reservation System (CarRes) as well as the RTS ProfitOpt revenue management system. There were a number of thought provoking presentations on solutions and challenges facing the cruise ferry industry with a captive audience on board during the round trip sailing from Norway to Denmark. Pradeep's presentation on the value proposition of Automated Revenue Management for cruise ferries and how it can no longer be considered a 'nice to have' feature but a core necessity, garnered considerable interest from the cruise ferries in attendance. More information about Carus and their offerings can be found at www.carus.com.
RTS at 2015 MENA Conference
The 2015 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Aviation Festival was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the 25th and 26th of October. Pradeep Bandla from RTS attended this conference and got an opportunity to network with a number of carriers not just from the Middle East and Africa, but with those from the Indian Subcontinent, North America and Europe as well. The event was organized by Terrapin and had a number of exciting presentations and lively panel discussions that provided valuable insight into the opportunities, challenges and trends in the global aviation industry in general and low cost airlines in particular.

Customer Chronicles

Air Rarotonga goes live on ProfitOpt
Air Rarotonga is the domestic airline of the Cook Islands, headquartered at Rarotonga International Airport, Cook Islands. They are the latest client to go live with the RTS ProfitOpt solution to manage their passenger business. Their unique location in the mid Pacific made for an interesting implementation, both from a proximity and time zone perspective. It was also an opportunity to expand our reservations interfaces to include the Radixx system.
With the solution hosted in the RTS data center, deployment was seamless. Training was conducted through a series of remote sessions over Webex, and the interfaces were built in our India development center, giving a truly global deployment.
We are confident that the revenue optimization models along with an intuitive graphical user interface and extensive reporting capabilities that comprise the ProfitOpt solution will provide significant value to Air Rarotonga in future.
CargoProfitOpt’s Allotment Management module goes live at a major North American Carrier
A major milestone was accomplished this quarter with the continued implementation of the RTS CargoProfitOpt application at one of the largest airlines in the world from North America. RTS has been working closely with the client for the past year to determine and document the revenue management business requirements to provide an optimal solution. In mid-December 2015 we completed the integration, user acceptance testing, and deployment of the Allotment Management component of the RTS CargoProfitOpt solution into the client's production environment.
The Allotment Management module will assist this client by optimally determining the amount of contract or long-term space to be allocated to a specified station, customer, other airline or a defined allotment group. Contract or long-term space allocation is also referred to as recurring bookings, permanent bookings, blocked space, and allocations. This will allow the client to optimally provide space to both free sale and allocated space to make the most of the limited space on the aircraft improving their revenue yields.
interCaribbean Airlines selects RTS ProfitOpt
interCaribbean Airways is based in the Turks & Caicos Islands, founded 24 years ago to connect you and the Caribbean. The company operates a fleet of EMB 120, Twin Otter and BE99 aircraft connecting the Turks & Caicos to the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. International services also connect Jamaica to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. Domestic flights are operated in The Turks & Caicos Islands and Jamaica.
interCaribbean recently selected the RTS ProfitOpt solution to assist them in their Revenue Management forecasting, optimization and reporting. RTS will be hosting the solution for them, and is currently in the process of implementing the application and developing the necessary interfaces to interCaribbean’s reservations provider, Videcom. Training and go live are planned for Q1 2016.
Spot Pricing goes live
RTS has achieved another landmark with the go-live of RTS CargoPriceOpt implementation with Spot Pricing Evaluation and Automation at one of the Premier European Airlines. RTS has been working closely with the customer to analyze the historical data and to determine the best-fit model for the Spot Pricing Evaluation. The customer has completed the user acceptance testing and the solution is in production since the end of October 2015.
The Spot Pricing Module helps the sales managers and General Sales Agents (GSAs) to determine the optimal spot rate in real time taking into account of the Customer and Shipment Value allowing them to negotiate with the forwarder. This new module is seamlessly integrated with the existing Governance process to send the requests to next level of authorization based on the discounts given by the sales manager.

Product Happenings

ProfitOpt Release 2015.0
The development team has been working diligently to ensure that the next version of ProfitOpt (2015.0) can be released by the end of the year and we are pleased to announce that we have achieved that milestone. ProfitOpt version 2015.0 was released for deployment in December 2015. Some of the key strategic features in this release include:
Adaptive Distribution Weights
In cases where sailings and flights do not have enough demand to fill the remaining capacity, the ProfitOpt solution currently offers a methodology with which to distribute the excess capacity among the various classes/sub-classes. The adaptive distribution weights feature further enhances this functionality by providing extended control to the analyst in terms of deciding where the excess capacity should be allocated. The options that can be selected by the user include distributing the excess capacity to the current selling class, to the class above the current selling class, to one or more user defined classes, etc. This functionality will help generate more optimal revenues for distressed inventory sailings and flights by allocating excess space in a dynamic and intelligent manner.
Cruise Pricing Controller
Recognizing that the round trip cruise component plays a very important role in the operations of our cruise ferry clients, ProfitOpt now incorporates the Cruise Pricing Controller module. This functionality can identify imbalances in cabins, passengers, deck space between outbound and inbound sailings and then allow users to set up actions to adjust inventory on those sailings. These adjustments help toto optimally allocate space to minimize the negative revenue effects as a result of these imbalances.
ProfitOpt Release 2016.0
Following on the heels of 2015.0, the next major release will be 2016.0 and is scheduled to be available for deployment starting the second quarter of 2016. Some of the key functionalities in this release include:
  1.    Enhanced Demand Forecasting using Exponential Smoothing
  2.    Cancellation Rate forecasting
  3.    Quality of Service Overbooking Model
  4.    Improved ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  5.    Increased system robustness
For more information on any of the above functionalities please contact Pradeep.Bandla@rtscorp.com. If you are interested in migrating to the new releases, please get in touch with your Client Service manager.
CargoProfitOpt 2015.0
The Cruise Ferry CargoProfitOpt 2015.0 maintenance release has been deployed to Acceptance Environments for client UAT. This release has included additional integration with our ProfitOpt, our passenger revenue management system to further improve the optimization and management of the critical vehicle deck, or garage. Additional data is now passed between the two systems and displayed on the key Sailing Manager screen. This extra information, along with new forecasting and load factor statistics can be used to assist decision-making and individual sailing management. Separate functionality has also been combined on the primary Sailing Manager screen to allow the analyst to complete multiple tasks from this single independent workbench. This includes the ‘Managed Sailings’ and ‘Bid Price and Capacity Overrides’ features, providing additional flexibility to quickly handle weather related and operational constraints as well as changing market conditions. RTS is committed to continuous product development in collaboration with our clients. Please contact your RTS Client Manager to discuss any business requirements.

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