Profit Optimization

The RTS Profit Optimization Solution™ is an integrated solution of business case analysis, software-as-a-service, Business Intelligence tools, and professional consulting. It reaches across your business units to synchronize multiple functions, processes, and information to achieve your company’s profit goals. When fully implemented, the RTS Profit Optimization Solution™ focuses your enterprise to achieve strategic, tactical, commercial, financial, and operational objectives.

The value of Profit Optimization results from applying advanced forecasting mathematics to complex business data, with visual analysis of the results, based on your key performance indicators (KPI). This advanced level of management decision support enables a timely business response, higher profitability, and lower costs. Additionally, the RTS Profit Optimization Solution™ is knowledge-based, and makes extensive use of visual analytics, differentiating it from traditional revenue management products. The innovative RTS approach to Profit Optimization delivers industry-specific solutions, optimized for individual client needs based on their business case analysis, and performance measurement requirements.


By disciplining inventory and pricing tactics, you initiate a systematic approach to maximizing revenues and profitability.

The price sensitive RM solution will enable airlines to optimally set prices resulting in the following benefits

  • Incremental revenue of up to 10%, the majority of which will go directly to the bottom line.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Ability to identify and focus on critical flights
  • Minimal startup costs You control the level of investment over time based on your budget, your needs, and the benefits you achieve.
  • Through a phased implementation approach, the risks you may perceive in changing your business operations can be managed in direct proportion to your increasing acceptance that Revenue Management is for you.
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