RTS CargoPriceOpt

RTS® CargoPriceOpt is a comprehensive decision support system that considers competition, customer value, price elasticity, and costs to recommend prices as well as has the capability to update them as needed RTS®CargoPriceOpt will enable airlines to address the key challenges associated with rate sheet creation. The first challenge is understanding the product, customer, product, and price elasticity and determining the rates/prices by weight break as well as container/pallet types. The second in the pricing process is the ability to update rate sheets frequently. Pricing process at most airlines around the world is manually intensive and may not use all the available information to set prices.

RTS®CargoPriceOpt software will assist airlines with the following:

  • Create pricing guidelines based on customer value, price elasticity, and target margins
  • Determine the average rates/prices to be offered for various origin, destination, customer, product, commodity
  • Generate rate sheets showing rates by weight break and container/pallet types
  • Provide the capability to update rate sheets frequently (weekly or monthly basis)
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