RTS CargoProfitOpt

RTS® CargoProfitOpt is a full-fledged cargo revenue management and capacity optimization solution that enables airlines to maximize network level profitability RTS® CargoProfitOpt will enable airlines to realize incremental revenue benefits of up to 10%.

In addition to the financial benefits, airlines will realize additional benefits such as :

  • increase in productivity,
  • up-to-date availability of data,
  • consistency in decision making, and
  • improved response time.

RTS® CargoProfitOpt can assist airlines to accurately plan the flights capacities to be offered for sale and control access to flight capacities:

RTS®CargoProfitOpt software will assist airlines with the following:

  • Forecast capacities available for cargo considering payload and board priority of other components such as passengers, bags, and mail
  • Determine overbooking level or capacities available for sale considering cancellation, no show, and over/under-tendering of cargo by customers
  • Forecast demand and optimally allocate capacity between allotments and freesale as well determine the allocations to various allotments – customer, station, product, and interline
  • Support dynamic pricing considering demand, flight capacities, routes, and costs to maximize network profitability
  • Generate routes considering feasibility restrictions based on connect times, products, embargoes, etc.


A revenue management system can increase revenue by up to 10% by selling inventory to the

  • right customers, products, and markets.

In addition to tangible benefits, there are several intangible benefits an airline can realize from implementing a revenue management system:

  • Increased productivity
  • Consistency in decision making
  • Faster response time for booking request processing
  • Up-to-date availability of key data
  • Identification of critical flights to focus on
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