RTS® ProfitOpt is an advanced comprehensive revenue management and business intelligence solution that enables airlines to maximize their profitability RTS® ProfitOpt will enable airlines to achieve significant incremental revenue. In addition to the financial benefits, airlines will realize benefits such as increase in productivity, up-to-date availability of data, consistency in decision making, and improved response time.

RTS®ProfitOpt software will assist airlines with the following:

  • Forecast unconstrained demand with flexible seasonality definitions considering factors including time of departure, point of sale, aircraft type and groups.
  • Determine optimal overbooking levels for sale considering no shows, risk of spoilage/oversales and upgrades/downgrades among cabins
  • Recommend optimal capacity configurations for movable curtain aircraft
  • Optimize every flight departure using mathematical algorithms that identify upsell opportunities based on fares that include ancillaries
  • Generate inventory controls that honor operational and business constraints
  • Provide market insight by consuming and displaying competitor flight data from third party vendors.
  • Support a hybrid structure where some markets can be on traditional fares and others on restriction free fares using price elasticity curves.
  • Provide powerful insight through inventory analysis capabilities offered by our business intelligence solution
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