RTS SchedOpt

Scheduling of aircraft for an airline is widely recognized as a mission critical function in the industry. Scheduling requires that airlines have an accurate idea of the expected demand for the markets served / to be served, costs involved with servicing those markets with the chosen equipment and maintenance planning while ensuring that the flying passengers have convenient connections. Satisfying the demand optimally while ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum, requires sophisticated science to ensure that appropriate fleet allocation is done without violating any aircraft, airport, maintenance and crew constraints. Manual processes to achieve the above involve extensive effort and the end result is sub-optimal schedules at best. Effective schedule planning has been empirically proven to enhance incremental revenues by as much as 10%. Moreover schedules generated by leveraging integration with other planning systems like revenue management (RTS ProfitOpt) has shown to result in significantly better quality schedules. A scheduling solution should be powerful enough to allow users to view and adjust their schedules in an intuitive manner as well as be supported by sophisticated optimization science behind the scenes that can consider various operational constraints while generating an optimum schedule that minimizes costs.

Some of the challenges faced by the industry today from a scheduling perspective are:

  • Lack of a cost-effective software solution
  • Inability to Conduct Schedule Analysis/Evaluation

At Revenue Technology Services (RTS), we understand airline scheduling intimately and are confident of providing a cost-effective decision support system that can help generate optimal scheduleswhile providing users extensive ability to influence schedule generation. With expertise, experience, and practical knowledge in the scheduling domain, we have developed a broad solution portfolio that not only includes modules to view, edit and publish schedules but also to optimize them. RTS’s scheduling solution, RTS SchedOpt, will enable an airline to generate cost effective schedules while satisfying key planning and operational requirements. RTS SchedOpt can be used to generate, manage,and analyze both passenger and freighter network schedules.

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