Scheduling is a critical component of any airline’s planning department. A number of smaller to mid-size carriers rely on manually intensive methods of modifying, optimizing and publishing schedules. The RTS SchedOpt solution allows schedulers an intuitive way of viewing , modifying and publishing schedules, performing what-if simulation analysis and invoking sophisticated optimization techniques to maximize profit while satisfying a number of critical operational constraints. The solution has been designed to cater to the scheduling needs of airlines with just passengers, airlines with both passengers and cargo and purely freighters.

Some of the key components of RTS SchedOpt are:

Schedule Generator – This module provides users a convenient way of viewing and manipulating their active schedules in a user friendly manner through the use of an intuitive graphical user interface. Some of the key features include:

  • Ability to consume schedules in a variety of formats including SSIM, Excel,etc.
  • View and compare entire schedules as well as through filters that enable users to focus on specific schedule components
  • Enable users ability to specify aircraft turns using methodologies including FIFO/LIFO
  • Highlighting schedule infeasibilities to users
  • Publishing schedules internally to Reservation Systems as well as externally to Global Distribution Systems

Schedule Optimizer - This module optimizes a schedule with the objective of maximizing revenues for the entire network. Some features include:

  • Seamlessly consuming demand and fare values from RTS ProfitOpt (or flat-files for clients without ProfitOpt) that have been adjusted to account for impact due to schedule changes
  • Maximizing profit for passenger, cargo and hybrid carriers by optimally allocation aircraft to flights after considering demand, fares and multiple cost components including aircraft ownership, landing rights, etc.
  • Supporting a wide variety of operational constraints including core ones like flight coverage, aircraft continuity, aircraft count, balance as well as those pertaining to maintenance requirements, airport curfew, slot availability, minimum and maximum aircraft utilization, etc.
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