Thank you all for participating and making it an excellent event
Day 1
We had a remarkable cocktail reception at 6:30 pm at Hilton Vienna Plaza in the breakout area. Delegates representing both freight and passenger from leading airlines and cruise ferries along with RTS employees joined in for informal conversations adding a tinge of fun to it. Round the table discussions with snacks and drinks made it a perfect blend of a true networking reception wherein each member was a part of.
Day 2
Day 2 started at 9 am with a welcome address by Raja Kasilingam (CEO, RTS) mentioning how to outperform our best and our competition unfolding into succinct podium presentations by two of our external speakers, Per Glomsa (RM Head, Fjord Line) and Adam Dudar (BD Manager, Air Canada) who spoke about how a winner takes it all and whether QSI is a cargo fiction respectively joining RTS Internal speakers who shared on Analytics, Cargo Trends and Experience outperforming the Novice. The day ended with a great Product Showcase wherein clients came to know of the added features and cleared their queries regarding our products. But, the evening didn’t end here. We had a spectacular Austrian Dinner show at 8 pm which was a visual treat to watch.
Day 3
Day 3 started at the same time with a stimulating session on the Current Trends in Airline Industry by Dr Robert Mayer from Cranfield University. Thereafter, some aspects of Digital Technology, CF Enhancements, Trailer Release and unveiling our Products’ New Names were touched upon by RTS Speakers. The conference became more interactive when it headed towards group discussions on current topics and voice of the customer session.
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