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Analytics for Better Business Decisions

Business Analytics is a uniquely powerful approach to enhance your decision-making capabilities. It uses advanced mathematical and analytical methods on available data subject to business constraints, carefully predicts outcomes and associated risks, and helps decide and implement the best option. Business Analytics has enhanced organizations all around us – from better scheduling of airline crews to the design of waiting lines at Disney theme parks and from global resource planning decisions to optimizing hundreds of local delivery routes.

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Analytics Based on Optimization

At RTS our unique approach combines Optimization and Business Analytics, and is at the core of everything we do. We have developed forecasting and optimization models for demand, capacity, and customer behavior. In addition, we have worked on modeling and analysis of capacity planning, resource allocation, contract planning, routing, and pricing. Our revenue management, pricing, and scheduling software solutions incorporate industry leading machine learning algorithms, statistical forecasting and network optimization models. We have deployed operations research techniques to solve real-life challenges in the travel and transportation industry over the last thirty years which enabled our customers to make better decisions.


Our Analytical Capabilities

Statistical Analysis of data

  • Cost modelling
  • Price elasticity
  • Relationships between business variables

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

  • Demand
  • Customer behaviour
  • Supply
  • Model selection

Revenue Management

  • Inventory control
  • Space allocation
  • Allotment planning


  • Dynamic pricing
  • Target pricing
  • Customer value pricing
  • Strategic pricing

Transportation Planning

  • Depot location
  • Tracking
  • Mode selection


  • Routing
  • Schedule analysis
  • Fleet management
  • Shift scheduling

Resource Allocation

  • Capacity planning
  • Product planning
  • Distribution planning
  • Inventory control


  • Dynamic workflows
  • Route selection
  • Enhanced dashboards

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