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Summer 2017
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Mukundh Parthasarathy
Sr. Vice President at RTS
Dear friends,
As we begin the third quarter of 2017, it is a good time to take stock of one’s progress on targets and goals that each of us had set for the year. We at RTS are racing against time to wrap up projects as we kick-start new ones. Apart from keeping our focus on completing customer implementations on time we are also applying finishing touches to the maintenance releases across passenger and cargo portfolios. We have completed our new solution to the portfolio, RTS Foresight, a revenue planning and sales targets / budgeting solution in the Cargo area. We are pretty excited about showing this off at the next available opportunity. We want to extend a warm welcome to Bahamasair and Delta Airlines who have selected RTS for their automation needs.
We are actively participating in our marketing efforts as you can see in the scoop section where along with gearing up for our annual summit in Amsterdam, our presence will also be felt at other significant events around the world. After hosting our annual RTS Summit in Cape Town, London, Barcelona, and Dallas in the last few years, we thought we will try out Amsterdam in 2017 based on the voices that we heard during our summit last year.
Our teams across the globe are ramping up their efforts to give back to the community by volunteering their time and money to various causes as we strongly believe nothing is more satisfying than making a difference in the lives of those who are not as privileged as some of us are.
Wishing you all the best for the remainder of 2017 and we look forward to continue working closely with all of you for the rest of the year and beyond.
Mukundh Parthasarathy

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RTS shows off at IATA World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi
The 2017 World Cargo Symposium was held in Abu Dhabi from March 14th – 16th and RTS made its presence felt with a booth sponsorship to network with the community. The conference is considered the premier event in the air cargo industry with over a thousand decision makers and experts from across the entire air cargo supply chain participate to exchange ideas and discuss solutions to the industry’s issues. Mukundh Parthasarathy and Mahesh Vemula from the Cargo team attended the event and had an opportunity to listen to some thought provoking presentations and panel discussions on challenges, opportunities and trends in the air cargo business.
Routes Europe Conference in Belfast, United Kingdom
The 2017 Routes Europe conference was held in Belfast, United Kingdom from April 22nd to the 25th. A number of European airlines and airports from around the world attended this event. The conference is held on a yearly basis and this year's event was attended by Pradeep Bandla from the Passenger team. Several airlines expressed interest in the newly enhanced RTS SchedOpt solution with optimization and evaluation capabilities and have requested follow-up discussions. If you feel your scheduling activities could use sophisticated optimization science coupled with intuitive user friendly schedule management capabilities and would like to learn more about the value our scheduling solutions can provide to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Pradeep Bandla. (pradeep.bandla@RTSCorp.com)
The RTS Summit provides the unique opportunity to meet RTS customers and industry thought leaders and network with fellow travel and transportation professionals in the areas of pricing, revenue management, scheduling, revenue planning and profit optimization. You will gain strategic to tactical insights in managing your customers, inventory, and pricing through key note speeches from thought leaders, group discussions with a panel of experts, user presentations from the airline, cargo and cruise ferry worlds, and sharing of future vision and experiences by RTS leaders. While having thought provoking discussions, the group also makes it a point to indulge in a lot of fun as well. This year our Summit will be held at the Movenpick, Amsterdam. For those who have been waiting for the agenda, the working copy has been placed on the summit website here. The Summit commences at 6.30 PM on 3rd October with registration and a cocktail reception. 4th and 5th October will see a range of topics and group discussions by RTS members, clients, and external speakers, with the evenings taken up by social events and dinners. Topics are centered on this year's theme of Facing the Future - Together. Network with your peers and the RTS team at the RTS Summit Welcome Reception on October 3rd as well as during the conference breaks, meals and social events on October 4th and 5th.
What can we say about Amsterdam that has not already been said significantly better, by others, over the course of its 400 year history? A leading global city, with activities ranging from financial powerhouses through arts, fashion, entertainment to tourism. It forms a convenient hub with global access, making it an ideal location for all our clients. There truly is something for everyone, whether your interests lie in historical sights, the theatre, canals, music, museums, shopping, and sports. "Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin." (John Green)
Registrations will open soon for RTS Summit 2017, but in the meantime if you have any queries you may contact your Relationship Manager OR email lisa.martin@RTSCorp.com.
we look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam in October!
United cargo went live with the last phase of the cargo revenue management solution, CargoProfitOpt. The last phase included Origin – Destination based network management related modules. The project had to integrate various interrelated United projects from a strategic and technology perspective. The capacity management and allotment management modules have been in production for the last 18th months at United Cargo
We are pleased to announce that Bahamasair, the flag carrier of the Bahamas based in Nassau, Bahamas Islands has selected RTS ProfitOpt as their passenger revenue management solution. More information about them can be found at https://bahamasair.com/. Once implemented, this will add to the growing list of companies already using the RTS solution. Darlicia Emmanuel, Head of Revenue Management at Bahamasair commented:
“At Bahamasair, given the business challenges facing us, we were quite keen on acquiring an automated revenue management system to increase efficiency and revenues. We have been convinced that a reliable revenue management system that helps us focus on high revenue flights, minimize revenue dilution, provide critical business insight, provide competitive insight would significantly help us boost revenues.
A thorough review of the capabilities offered by RTS ProfitOpt has convinced us that it is the perfect fit for our revenue management needs. We look forward to working closely with RTS on this project.”
Implementation is currently in progress with go-live scheduled in the 3rd Quarter of 2017.
We strive to constantly enhance our product functionalities by monitoring the pulse of our customers in order to build capabilities that provide maximum value to them. In that spirit, Jason Codd, VP of Services and Pradeep Bandla, VP of Passenger Solution RTS visited Color Line at their offices in Oslo Norway and Fjord Line in Bergen Norway accompanied by TT Line to get a better idea of some of the requirements that were voted on. There were two day long meetings with fruitful discussions on the enhancements. RTS is extremely grateful to them for their hospitality and ideas.
RTS Foresight Peekaboo
RTS Foresight will enable airlines to address the key challenges associated with revenue planning to optimize schedules taking cargo capacity and demand inputs and set up revenue targets. Typically cargo is an afterthought in most airlines in terms of schedules, equipment and profitability. Secondly, impact of cargo revenue is not completely understood as part of the network planning.
The revenue planning, setting up sales targets and tracking is manually intensive at most airlines around the world. Foresight takes into account cargo specific parameters enabling the management to have a voice in the airline schedule planning decisions.
RTS Foresight solution will assist airlines with the following:
  • Create schedules based on cargo capacity, cargo demand, equipment and route constraints to improve cargo profitability.
  • Evaluate the network value / profitability of a given schedule.
  • Convert network level revenue into sales targets.
  • Track revenue targets and margins for sales team by market (flight, origin-destination and country) and period (weekly, monthly and quarterly basis).
The benefits include:
  • Value proposition of 6% incremental revenue.
  • Schedules that represent the product, market, demand, and revenue.
  • Enhanced productivity and faster turn around time to react to passenger schedule changes facilitating what-if analyses.
  • Consistency and accuracy in setting sales targets across the network and across sales executives.
Product Plan Voting Update
At the RTS summit, we had presented the items on the passenger product roadmap and requested clients to vote on the items they would like to see included in the product through our on-line survey. We were quite enthused by the number of clients who voted in the survey and are deeply grateful for your participation. Based on the votes, we categorized items that were of highest priority to a majority of the clients and have committed to including those in our 2017.0 release and beyond. The list of prioritized items have been shared with the client community. If you require clarifications about any of those items, please don’t hesitate to contact your Client Services manager.
ProfitOpt 2017.0 Release
We are pleased to inform you that the list of features going into the ProfitOpt 2017.0 release has been finalized and development has just commenced. The focus of this release will be the incorporation of strategic client requested enhancements. Some of the key features in this release include the Key Departure Monitor module which allows analysts to pro-actively monitor important departures based on user defined criteria, Dashboards that display bookings and availability changes with price, Smart MIN/MAX settings which gives the user to set up business rules and conditions based on which the system automatically sets controls on the appropriate classes, enhancements to standard reports, etc. The release is scheduled for completion in early 4Q 2017
SchedOpt Release 2017.0
We are pleased to announce that the development of SchedOpt 2017.0 has been completed. This release includes schedule management, schedule evaluation and schedule optimization modules and brings our vision of having a comprehensive schedule planning solution to fruition. Some of the key features of this release include:
  1. Schedule Optimization : This module enables analysts to view a system generated clean-sheet schedule that takes into account demand forecasts, fares, costs, capacities, bookings and scheduling constraints and recommend the optimal schedule that maximizes profitability.
  2. Schedule Management : This module enables analysts to view, edit and manipulate schedules in a user intuitive manner through both tabular and graphical formats
  3. Schedule Evaluation : This module enables analysts to perform what-if simulation exercises including varying aircraft capacities, fares, costs and demand to determine the impact on profitability
For more information on the above release please contact Pradeep.Bandla@RTSCorp.com.
Employee Recognition
Continuing from the past editions of the newsletter, RTS’ initiative to recognize talent and significant contributions of RTS team members under the new Initiative "RTS Employee of the Month" completed one full year and Mr. Abhishek Mehta was recognised as "RTS Employee of the Year". In year 2017, this healthy competition to excel is gaining more momentum. Mr. Aromoy kar, Mr. Mahesh Gupta, Mr. Muneer, Mr. Shashi (L-R) bagged the title for the months of January, February, March and April of 2017 respectively.
Internet of Things (loT) in Aviation
We are at the onset of a smart age where the internet has revolutionized our lives. With the flurry of smart devices, organizations are identifying opportunities to leverage their benefits, to drive massive gains in efficiency while delivering greater value to customers and staff through new business models.
Internet of Things (IoT) is a common buzzword the days, but what exactly does it mean? IoT refers to an ecosystem of connected physical objects, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. How many objects? The limit is our imagination, not the number of devices or objects.
It is mind-boggling to try to guess the number of devices that will be connected in the years to come. Tech researcher Gartner predicts that there will be 25 billion connected things in use by 2020 while internet specialist CISCO predicts the number to be around 50 billion. Whatever be the exact figure, it is large enough to give ample amount of information to data scientists and miners to use it to come up with business models that help serve customers better and add to the bottom line of organizations.
As for the airline sector, IoT offers multiple opportunities to improve operational efficiency, and provide augmented services to passengers. There is, in fact so much opportunity that the challenge is what to focus on. Airlines and airports have already started experimenting with IoT and the projects include improving passenger experience, baggage handling, tracking pets in transit, equipment monitoring, and generating fuel efficiencies.
Some of the airlines and airports that are reaping the benefits of IoT include Helsinki airport, London City Airport, Miami Airport, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa Airlines and Delta Airlines.
Every single component of every Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 is attached to a wireless aircraft network providing real time IoT data on everything from performance to required maintenance. These systems allow aircraft engineers to know when the aircraft’s engine performance deteriorated during mid-air and are ready to look into the issue as soon as the aircraft lands. This allows Virgin Atlantic to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach. While Lufthansa Airlines launched its RIMOWA Electronic tags for easy baggage tracking, Delta Airlines partnered with Bit Stew Systems to use IoT Analytics to reduce down times and lower fuel costs.
Airports are also using IoT for improving passengers’ experiences at the airports. One of the ways that IoT works is when a passenger arrives at the airport; the airport app notifies the passenger about which gate to use to optimally enter the terminal based on the security queues. The airport app analyzes the passenger’s historical shopping patterns and recommends the retails shops at the airport which best aligns with the passenger preferences. The app also finds out the passenger’s food likes and dislikes and suggests the most suitable food outlet. The app also displays the map of the airport to the passenger including available seating areas with power sockets and the directions to the seats.
SITA’s Airline IT Trends Survey 2016 indicated that 29% of airlines have commenced the major IoT programs up by 13% from 2015. A further 38% of airlines are planning research and pilot projects over the next three years.
Having said that, IoT cannot work in silos. IoT tend to generate and require huge amount of data from various sources and to provide accurate suggestions to the customers, complex predictive analytics is required. Therefore it is a combination of Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence that would be required to deliver effective value to the customer.
Blog by Paritosh Agarwal
Business Analyst at RTS

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