RTS | Velocity

Cruise to Higher Profits

Forecasting & Overbooking

Comprehensive modules that factor in seasonality, vessel capacity and point of sale

Multi-dimensional Optimization

Designed for Cruise Ferries. Optimal capacity allocation between vehicles, cabin and freight

Decisive Insights

Business and Competitive intelligence and extensive operational reporting

RTS | Velocity

RTS Velocity is an advanced comprehensive revenue management and business intelligence solution that enables cruise ferry operators to increase their incremental revenue and maximize their profitability. In addition to financial benefits, Cruise Ferry operators will realize an increase in productivity, real time data availability for better decision making, and improved response times.

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Deployment Options


Demand Forecasting

Forecast demand with multiple advanced techniques, taking seasonality into account and considering factors such as time of departure, vessel capacity, point of sale.



Recommend optimal capacity configurations for different resources including passenger and vehicles. Optimize every single sailing using unconstrained demand forecasts, overbooked space and fares including ancillaries, ensuring operational constraints and business policies are satisfied.


Multiple Integrated Resource Controls

Links primary to secondary resource, like passengers to vehicles, in various ways, enabling simultaneous optimization of multiple resources.



Determine optimal overbooking levels for capacities available for sale considering cancellations, no-shows and passenger upgrading and downgrading among cabins


Price Sensitive Revenue Management

Support for sailings with simplified fares using price elasticity curves


Origin Destination Revenue Management

Support for Origin Destination Revenue Management for markets that have significant volume of connecting traffic.


Ancillary Services

Considers the total value of passengers, inclusive of ancillary services and forecasts demand for ancillaries


Capacity Management

Determines the staffing level of each sailing as they are linked to the number of on-board passengers


Round Trip Support

Determines the staffing level of each sailing as they are linked to the number of on-board passengers


Business Insights

Executive level dashboard reports including KPI's with drill down functionality provide critical insight for operational and strategical decision making


Competitive Insights

Visibility into competitor sailings based on third party vendors providing competitive data, to enable better decisions

Highly accurate demand forecasts coupled with sophisticated optimization capabilities and revenue management can significantly boost the bottom line for cruise ferries by as much as 12%

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