RTS | Velocity

Forecast, Optimize and Improve Your Profits

Incremental Revenue

Realize incremental revenue benefits of up to 10% with key revenue management functions

Profit Optimization

Flexible optimization models for forecasting, overbooking, allocation and bid prices

Insights & Alerting

Analytic insights on key performance indicators and condition based alerting

RTS | Velocity

RTS Velocity is an advanced comprehensive revenue management and business intelligence solution that enables cruise ferry operators to realize incremental revenue benefits from cargo business and can assist cruise ferries to accurately plan the cargo capacities to be offered for sale and control access to capacities.

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Deployment Options


Revenue Management

Automatically process key revenue management functions in real time and in batch for up-to-date sailing capacities, overbooking levels, demand forecasts, block bookings and bid prices.


Identify Cross Sell Opportunities

Determine customer value using key performance indicators to provide discounts while evaluating bookings.


Wait List Management

Automate waitlist management of vehicles to provide guidance at the port.


Customer Behavior Modeling

Account for customer behavior in terms of no shows, cancellations and block booking usage


Service Reliability

Improved Service Reliability with reduced offloads and service level guarantee.


Business Intelligence

Deliver fast analytic insights on key performance indicators


Operational Reports

Ability to create weekly, monthly and yearly management reports on volumes, revenues and service failures.


Proactive Alerting

Pro-actively manage sailings by alerting users when certain conditions are met or not met in terms of potential service failures or revenue opportunities.


Synergy with Other Systems

Real time interaction between tourist and freight revenue management solutions to negotiate cabins / berths and garage space.

Highly accurate demand forecasts coupled with sophisticated optimization capabilities and revenue management can significantly boost the bottom line for cruise ferries by as much as 12%

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