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Insights. Intelligence. Profits – Price your cargo right

Incremental Revenue

Realize incremental revenue benefits of up to 6% with better pricing decisions

Multi-facet Pricing

Prices that represent the product, market, customer value, and customer behavior.

Powerful & Accurate

Consistent and accurate  prices set across the network and across analysts.

RTS | AcceleRate

RTS AcceleRate is a comprehensive decision support system that considers competition, customer value, price elasticity, and costs to recommend general tariff rates, contract rates and spot rates for the pricing analysts, cargo sales and GSAs to negotiate with forwarders and produce rate sheets to help in the rating and booking process

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Deployment Options


Rate Recommendations for Negotiation

Recommend Contract rates and Spot rates to help cargo sales, GSAs and pricing analysts to negotiate with forwarders.


Pricing Reccomendations

Account for price elasticity and probability of customer accepting a price while evaluating recommended pricing.


Customer Value Determination and Price Options

Automatically process key data such as air waybill, CASS, capacity share, cost, and load factor to determine customer value and price options.


Market Trend Alerts

Proactively alert users on market trends and price recommendations


Business Insights

Dashboards on customer and airline performance in terms of revenue, tonnage, and yield relative to other customers and other airlines


Rate Sheets

Create rate sheets as well as maintain and update rates.


Electronic Rate Sheet Distribution

Electronic distribution of rate sheets in any format to the customer base.

Air cargo annually transports over US$6.4 trillion worth of goods, 35% of world trade by value.

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