RTS | Velocity

The Science of Profit Optimization for Airlines

Forecasting & Overbooking

Comprehensive modules that factor in seasonality, aircraft type and point of sale

Profit Optimization

Flexible optimization models for significant incremental revenue

Decisive Insights

Business and Competitive intelligence and extensive operational reporting

RTS | Velocity

RTS Velocity is an advanced comprehensive forecasting, revenue management, planning and business intelligence solution that enables airlines to maximize their profitability by significantly increasing incremental revenue.In addition to a financial benefit, airlines typically realize productivity benefits, improved response times and better decision making.

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Deployment Options


Demand Forecasting

Advanced, flexible, accurate and easy to understand forecasting models. Detailed forecasts accounting for seasonality and by multiple criteria.



Multi-featured optimization models at the core to maximize total revenue while considering airline specific operational and business constraints.



Optimized overbooking levels that maximize revenue and load factor and minimize risk of denied boardings. Rules to set min-max overbooking levels


Price Sensitive Revenue Management

Advanced forecasting for price sensitivity classes using demand elasticity curves. Option to support a pricing environment with non-decreasing fare policy. Hybrid support can handle a combination of product sensitive and price sensitive classes.


Origin Destination Revenue Management

Support for Origin Destination Revenue Management for markets that have significant volume of connecting traffic.


Business Insights

Executive level dashboard reports including KPI's with drill down functionality provide critical insight for operational and strategical decision making


Competitive Insights

Powers revenue enhancing decisions by considering the competitive market landscape based on third party vendors providing competitive data


Integration with Reservation System

Optimizes controls based on inventory and schedules feeds from reservation system

Revenue management in the airline industry is a critical component of business strategy. Use of the right revenue management tool can contribute between 4% -11% increase in profit margin.

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