RTS | Foresight

Analyze. Innovate. Optimize - Ensuring Freight Sales Success

Sales Target Automation

Use intelligence and forecasts to automatically set sales targets for the organization

Freight Friendly Schedules

Edit and what if analyses on schedules to understand the effect of cargo demand

Analytic Insights

Deliver fast analytic insights on key performance indicators

RTS | Foresight

RTS Foresight is a comprehensive revenue planning solution that considers schedules, capacity, demand, routes, equipment characteristics and shipment characteristics to set annual revenue targets for the cruise ferry freight organization along with sales targets and tracking for the sales team.

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Deployment Options


Network Level Profitability

Evaluate the network value/profitability of a given schedule


Schedules with Freight Focus

Schedules that include and represent the freight products, market, demand, and revenue.


Consistent Sales Targets

Consistency and accuracy in setting sales targets and budgets across the network and across sales executives


Track Target Achievement Progress

Track, alert and guide sales teams across the network on the cargo targets


Demand based Capacity Management

Allocate tourist and freight capacity based on demand for both cabins and vehicle space

Highly accurate demand forecasts coupled with sophisticated optimization capabilities and revenue management can significantly boost the bottom line for cruise ferries by as much as 12%

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