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Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Cargo is pleased to introduce the enhanced RTS CargoPriceOpt software to our business which will increase our analysis capabilities and help optimize our preferential rates. In an ever-competitive global market the RTS CargoPriceOpt software enables us to better identify the characteristics, value and behavior of a customer and support our Sales effort with improved guidance and recommendations.

Alex Rowe

Brittany Ferries

As always the project was extremely well planned and executed by RTS, it’s a pleasure to work with a company that drives the project rather than needing to be driven.

Alan Wayne

United Airlines

In order to maximize the revenue and yield potential of our cargo network, we need to be in a position to make the best, most informed sales decisions for us and our customers. We think this is a step in that direction

Jan Krems

Color Line

CREST (ProfitOpt) from RTS has turned out to be the most important tool for both the Sales and Booking Department and also to our Marketing Department. We can now much better than before estimate the total market demands and therefor concentrate our sales effort towards the departures requiring extra attention.

We are very satisfied with Revenue Technology Services who always has been giving us their best attention and service, and we will recommend CREST to other ferry-companies.

Frank Berntzen

Brittany Ferries

At Brittany Ferries, we have long been convinced of the potential of a reliable system of revenue management for our freight business. RTS has always exhibited thought leadership in data analytics, revenue management, and pricing. Now that we have a functional revenue management system, we are working towards monitoring the system recommendations and see improvement in our revenues. We look forward to continue to work closely with RTS in the long term.

Simon Wagstaff

Air Canada

I’m thrilled to have partnered with RTS in our continuous pursuit to optimize our revenue and capacity utilization. RTS Foresight provides us with the ability to efficiently plan, forecast and enhance profitability in an agile way and provides further insight into multiple network opportunities, enabling us to unlock additional network value from our existing schedule touching all 6 continents.

Matthieu Casey

United Airlines

At United Cargo, we have long been convinced of the potential of a reliable system for revenue management to maximize our profits for our cargo business. We have complete confidence in the ability of RTS to deliver the system that we need and look forward to working closely with RTS in the long term.

David King

South African Airlink

OPTIX for Windows (ProfitOpt) has contributed significantly to both increased revenues and higher passenger loads across South African Airlink’s entire route network by providing the necessary controls over discounted seats. On the operational side, OPTIX for Windows has helped tremendously with planning flight cancellations and proposing additional flights during holiday periods when there is a significant change in demand.
From the outset, the Revenue Technology Services staff has been extremely helpful, both on system support, as well as advising on the best practices for effective Revenue Management. This has been achieved by drawing on their considerable experience in Revenue Management, Airline operations and IT.

Adré Venter


Sales teams will have to work on a minimum-bid price basis, as no shipment falling below this threshold can generate a confirmation. This will influence sales technique and behavior, and represent a huge cultural shift for our people in the field. They will have to explain it, in turn, to their customers.

Pradeep Kumar

Ethiopian Airlines

We are very optimistic that having Revenue Management and Pricing system will help us to maximize revenue by utilizing the available capacity for high yield cargos. This revenue maximization would be achieved using an automated decision-making system that would be accurately forecasting cargo capacity by flight and a price range for evaluating pricing requests. It also helps allocate capacity to the appropriate products in such a way that maximizes profit.

Fitsum Abady

Virgin Atlantic

In order to maximize the revenue and yield potential of our aircraft and network, we need to be in a position to make the best, most informed sales decisions for us and our customers. The RTS software has impressed us because it is extremely user friendly and addresses some of the most important pricing decisions we face on a daily basis.

Dan Parker

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