RTS | Compass

Scheduling Your Fleet Priorities Optimally


Clean sheet scheduling based on passenger and freight demand and fares and rates


Consume, view, manage, modify, evaluate and export schedules


Schedule cost and profitability analysis, bottleneck identification and load factor alerts

RTS | Compass

RTS Compass is designed to cater to the scheduling needs of airlines with just passengers, passengers and cargo and pure freighters. At the heart of Compass is a sophisticated optimization engine that generates clean sheet schedules that maximize profit and satisfy key operational constraints residing in a business rules engine. 

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Deployment Options


Schedule Optimizer

Optimizes schedules with the objective of maximizing revenue for the entire network.  The optimizer supports a wide variety of operational constraints like flight coverage, aircraft continuity, airport curfew, aircraft range, slot availability, minimum and maximum aircraft utilization and many more.


Schedule Manager

Convenient way to view and manipulate schedules from an intuitive user interface using drag-and-drop capabilities. Can import and export schedules in various formats like SSIM, Excel.  Includes support for codeshare, DST, automatic distance calculation and many more productivity boosting features


Schedule Evaluator

Helps evaluate the schedule for revenue, cost, profitability and other factors. Identify and alert bottleneck flights and flights with low and high load factors.


Schedule Reporter

Capability to generate many reports using dynamic filters at various levels. Provides many strategic business and key operational insights.

Effective schedule planning using optimization science has been empirically proven to enhance incremental revenues by as much as 10%

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