RTS | Velocity

Maximize Revenues with Dynamic Pricing

Rail specific Revenue Management

Rail business and operational aspects like adjustable capacity and varying journey lengths

Dynamic Pricing

Based on days or time before departure and current booking or remaining inventory.

Business Insights

Dashboards, key performance indicators and a comprehensive list of reports

RTS | Velocity

RTS Velocity is an advanced price sensitive revenue management and business intelligence solution that enables rail operators to increase their incremental revenue and maximize their profitability. The solution utilizes advanced mathematical operations research models for forecasting and optimization and can be easily integrated with other systems using Service Oriented Architecture or SOA.

CustomizableWeb BasedIntutive
Deployment Options


Rail Specific Business Practices

Accounts for rail specific business practices and operational aspects such as adjustable capacity and varying journey lengths.



Option to choose from alternative forecasting models to understand customer demand to set optimal controls



  Restriction free pricing capability


Web Based

Web based lightweight application that is browser agnostic and is scalable and robust. Work flow driven intuitive Graphical User Interface.


Demand Price Elasticity

Incorporates price elasticity of demand by certain groups of customer over the booking time horizon to determine the opening/closing of certain fare classes.

Sophisticated forecasting, optimization and consumer behavior modeling can significantly boost your bottom line

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