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Join us for RTS Summit | 2018 in Vienna, Austria from October 02-04, 2018. Come and learn how to Outperform your competition and your own best performance

September 3rd, 2018   Plano, TX.  Revenue Technology Services (RTS) will host its Annual Summit in Vienna, Austria from October 2-4, 2018 bringing together its customers, partners, and industry thought leaders.

Come join us to learn how to Outperform your competition and your own best performance.

Revenue Technology Services (RTS), a Plano, Texas based provider of profit optimization tools for the transportation industry welcomes you to its 2018 Annual Flagship Event in Vienna from October 2-4, 2018.  The Summit will be attended by delegates representing both freight and passenger businesses of airlines and cruise ferries from around the world such as United, Delta, Air Canada, Turkish Cargo,  Saudia Cargo, Fjord Line, Color Line, P&O Ferries, Brittany Ferries.  The Summit revolves around the theme “Outperform” and commences at 6.30 PM on October 2nd with registration and a cocktail reception unfolding into presentations by external speakers and breakout sessions on pricing, revenue management, scheduling, revenue planning, profit optimization on October 3rd and 4th.

Adept guest speakers like Per Glomså (Director, Passenger and Freight Revenue Management at Fjord Line) and Dr. Robert Mayer (SFHEA FCILT Centre for Air Transport Management, Cranfield University, UK) will share their views on how a winner takes it all and the current trends in the airline industry respectively. You will also hear from other experts and thought leaders on various topics such as ‘Cargo can talk’, ‘How can experience outperform the novice?’, and ‘How to leverage technology to be an ultimate buddy to outperform.’ You will gain strategic to tactical insights in managing your customers and inventory through group discussions with a panel of experts as well as from the vision and experiences of RTS leaders. Take the time to join us for an Austrian dinner show and network with your peers throughout the Summit.

For most recent updates, Agenda, Hotel Bookings, Venue, Speakers Bio etc, visit Summit Portal at http://www.rtscorp.com/summit-2018/

Please feel free to contact Palak Gulati (Palak.Gulati@RTSCorp.Com) for any queries related to the summit program and registration.


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