Revenue Technology Services (RTS) is a worldwide provider of profit enhancing revenue management and pricing software solutions for passenger and cargo transportation industries. Our offerings, aimed at the Airline, Cruise Ferry, Rail and Coach verticals include software solutions, consulting and education services, operations research capabilities, technology services and IT development support.

With an executive team averaging 20 years industry experience, RTS's aim is to provide the transportation industry with the solutions and services to achieve improved profitability through effective revenue management.

RTS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in UK and South Africa and a development center in IT Park in Mohali, India In 2012 Revenue Technology Services Corporation celebrated 30 years of rich history of providing Revenue Management solutions to Travel Transportation industry, assisting more than 80+ clients worldwide. RTS remains committed to researching and developing new technologies and services to help our clients achieve more profitability through more effective revenue management and pricing. To date, we have served clients in 20 countries with solutions carefully matched to the needs of their industry.

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